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Morello "sour" Cherry Availability

We still have Morello "sour" cherries available to buy. Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January are the last days available to purchase Morello Cherries at the farm. Open 10am to 3pm only each day.

Morello "sour" cherries are still available at our farm. You cannot pick cherries at the farm, they can only be bought from our shop.

STRAWBERRIES are also available for sale.

Our Farm gate shop will only be open the following days and Morello "sour" cherries  will be available:

Saturday 28th January
Sunday 29th January

We open from 10am to 3pm only each day.
This is the last weekend we open to the public until December.

Please call if you want to buy more than 5 kilos of Morello cherry. Ph: 59892008

In the interest of health and safety
Please NO DOGS out of cars while on our property.
Please NO SMOKING while on our property.

Please Note:
  (NO PICK -UP) at this farm.

Sweet cherries, Morello "sour" cherries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries can only be bought from our Farm Gate Shop when seasonally available.
Our wines and cherry balsamic vinegar will be available to purchase during this time.
Please call if any queries. Ph:5989 2008