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Ellisfield Farm Fruit - Picked for your convenience. No picking at this farm


Cherries are a seasonal product and can only be available for sale when they are ripe enough to pick.  This is usually from mid-December through to mid-January for sweet cherries.  There will always be some variation in the dates due to different weather patterns every year.  The variety we grow are Lapin.

Morello "sour" cherries are used to cook with as they retain an intense cherry flavour.  They ripen later than the sweet cherries and usually are available from the end of December to mid-January.  Once again there is variation in these dates due to weather conditions.

All cherries are only available to buy. NO pick-your-own at this farm.

Products available :

Strawberries 1kg
Cherries  1kg 

Our Farm Gate Shop will be open when Sweet cherry season begins mid-December until mid-January when the Morello "sour" cherries finish.
The shop is open limited days per week from 10am to 4pm only.