Ellisfield Farm grows the "Lapin" variety of sweet cherry and Morello "Sour" cherry to buy from our Farm Gate Shop.

Ellisfield Farm grows "Lapin" variety sweet cherries and Morello "sour" cherries.  (Yes, they really are sour not  just un-ripe)
All cherries are available to buy.  No cherry picking (pick-up) at this farm.

Morello "sour" cherries are ripe and available to buy at our shop.  Check our opening dates and times as we are closed during the week..

Morello "sour" Cherries

Morello cherries are a variety of "sour "cherry .  They give that really strong (natural) cherry flavour to anything you cook and are used for desserts (think wicked cherry pie), jams, liquors and wine.  Morello cherries lose the sourness once cooked.  They are very rare and hard to find.  Morello cherries are sought after for their health giving properties, as they are a rich source of antioxidants and contain the two powerful compounds anthocyanins and bioflavonoids.  Morello cherries also freeze well for later use.
Morello cherries are now ripe and available to buy, sorry no pick-up at this farm.